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N.Magioli Shipping Agency has been operating in north-east Brazil since 1984, specifically at the Itaqui Port Complex which encompasses Itaqui Port itself, as well as Ponta da Madeira and Alumar Terminal.

The Alumar Port is part of the Alcoa, Alcan and BHP-Billiton Group which produces aluminium ingots and alumina in powder.

Ponta da Madeira Terminal is part of VALE (former CVRD), which produces and exports iron ore, manganese ore, copper ore, pig-iron and transport by railroad the productions of soya beans.

Our company is totally committed to excellence in all areas and is proud of the standards of service which it offers to all its customers. The quality of the well-trained staff ensures that vessels have a smooth transition in and out of the ports. We cover all of  brazilian ports with sub-agents including also the Amazon area.  

Our head office its based in Sao Luis - Maranhao State/Brazil. 


Off-Shore and Logistic Operations

Maritime Lawyers. Cargo Claims

Diving Inspections

Working Visas for Oil Companies

Liferafts, Lifeboats and Rescue Boat Inspections

by Natal Safety

Logomarca - Natal Safety


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Legalize your foreign collaborators with the ones who know how to do it.

CAS assists the main country's projetcs, specially oil companies.

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CAS - Óleo Visas Legalização de Documentos Ltda.


CAS has the largest structure in the area of temporary

and permanent working visas of Brazil.


Address: Rua da Assembléia, 19 - 5° Andar

Centro Rio de Janeiro/RJ - CEP: 20011-001
Phone: + 55 21 2262-4868 - Fax: + 55 21 2262-6367

Email: cas@casonline.com.br


br.gif (3364 bytes)TRANSPETRO (Brazilian Tankers Fleet). 
          ISO 9001:2000
The BIMCO Logo Member of BIMCO since March 1997.

Rua Cel. Euripedes Bezerra, Quadra 14 Casa 01-B
Jardim Eldorado - Turu - Sao Luis-Maranhao - Brasil
CEP 65066-260

Tel: + 55 98 3226 6404   -    Fax: + 55 98 3226-4528


e-mail: magioli@magioli.com 

Covering all brazilian ports with nominated sub-agents.